Our Mission

Our mission is to Remain a leading supplier/distributor of packaging material. satisfy our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations and requirements, both in terms of product quality and service. Maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers and employees.

We shall accomplish our mission in the following manner:

Our Suppliers: We would continue to treat our suppliers as partners and work for hand in hand with them to seek continuous improvement in the quality of inputs and services. This kind of relationship is to our mutual advantage and benefit.

Our Customers: We would continue to focus our attention on our customers by understanding and assessing their present and future needs and providing them maximum satisfaction through excellent quality, right prices and in time delivery.

Our Products: Our products shall continue to remain exceptionally good and should serve as a benchmark of quality.

Our Employees: We would ensure the safety and health of our employees through better environmental conditions at our workplace and would continue to treat them as our greatest source of strength. Their vitality, motivation level, commitment to the job, professional skills, and expertise will always play a significant role in our success.

Our Vision

At Metro-Pack our vision is to lead the packing industry as an independent packing company not only regionally but globally by expanding out branches. Building long term relationships that are both rewarding and beneficial to all involved, we are dedicated in offering opportunities to all Metro-pack team members to expand their existing skills and undergo personal development, we believe in building a strong workforce throughout the company to create a great work ethic and satisfaction.